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UGM Discusses How Your Company Will Look in 2020

March 19, 2015

IMG_9971-1Missed out on this year’s Users Group Meetings? You might be getting left behind.

From learning about the latest HCSS software releases and features to having input on what we do in the future, UGM 2015 attendees soaked up information for a solid three days in classes, town hall meetings, Coaches’ Corner, and One-on-One sessions. They learned what strategies and products were making their peers successful, and what was on the horizon in industry trends.

They also soaked up some adult beverages and tasty snacks during networking events and the tailgate party.

While they did enjoy a few hours of fun and games, UGM attendees had a lot to think about ahead of the upcoming construction season and beyond.

President and COO Steve McGough and Vice President of Strategic Products Tom Webb provided a keynote address all about “Preparing Your Company for the Future – 2020.”

Computer and internet technology is now a staple of the construction office and is quickly becoming the industry standard in the field and shop as well. Webb stressed that companies not looking ahead to the newest innovations are already behind the competition before they even get started.

Companies that will be ahead of the technological curve in 2020 are already using technology as a recruiting tool to get the right employees. Younger generations entering the workforce already use computers, smartphones, and tablets in their personal lives, and they will want – even expect – to use them in their careers as well. If your company isn’t technologically advanced, you might not get the most sought-after employees.

Tech savvy companies are also more efficient in bidding and winning jobs. Estimating software designed specifically for construction automates much of the bidding process, allowing you to become more efficient and accurate.


And those who utilize technology will make more money on those jobs as well. Project managers who use job management software can analyze production on a daily basis and adjust as needed in-job, rather than waiting until the project has ended for accounting to tell them they lost money. And accurate equipment management software means preventative maintenance is done on time, at the right time, to ensure equipment is making money as well.

Mobile apps on handheld smartphones and tablets seemed to be the biggest trend of UGM, as more and more companies plan to adopt the handheld, wireless system. Their ease of use, intuitive design, and minimal training make for easy adoption in the field, where foremen can send production information to the office without ever leaving the jobsite or scribbling on a piece of paper.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the industry’s future is safety. More and more owners require companies have measurable safety measures in place just to bid projects, and a growing number of rules and regulations – as well as jobs spread across the country – make safety harder to track than ever before. What is the answer? Put it all online. A real, technology-enabled safety program gives companies a competitive advantage over the competition, both in winning jobs and hiring competent employees.


So how does your company’s technology plan stack up to the competition? Many contractors at UGM said they are intentionally building efficient, evolving, technology-enabled processes. Others who thought they were once innovative said they realized they’re losing their edge.

All attendees agreed that technology is not a passing fad. Someone is going to use technology to get the best employees and jobs in your market. Will it be you?

These important topics should be discussed among nearly every company. If you weren’t able to make the UGM this year, you missed a great opportunity to discuss them with others. But all isn’t lost. Discuss with your leadership team about getting HCSS involved in helping you prepare for the future of construction technology.

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