Speed and Accuracy: VanCon Wins More Bids with HCSS Estimating Software

Posted by Ebony Porter | 8/27/14 3:55 PM

VanCon General Engineering Contractors based in Springville, Utah, have been using HCSS's estimating software HeavyBid for close to 8 years.  With 5 users currently on the system we were interested in learning from start to finish how HeavyBid has impacted their company. We spoke to VanCon Controller Ryan Parker to find out more about the biggest advantages of being a HeavyBid user. 

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HeavyBid Estimating Software Allows Estimators to Build DOT Bids in Minutes

Posted by Ebony Porter | 6/11/14 11:44 AM

As the sole estimator at LHC, Inc. in Kalispell, Montana, Dave Steely is able to bid between $150-$200million per year. How does he bid this volume of work alone? Time saving features in HCSS’s estimating software HeavyBid make it easy to build DOT estimates in just minutes.

As a user of HeavyBid for over 13 years, Steely knows the features that make his job as estimator fast and easy. “I recently set up a bid item codebook to tie into our DOT projects,” said Steely. “With a combination of the bid item code book and library estimates, I was able to have it so when I pull in a DOT job, it builds 90% of the estimate. I don’t have to go into each activity and create each line. It’s a huge time saver.”

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H&S Contracting Uses HeavyBid Estimating Software to Become a Feared Competitor

Posted by Ebony Porter | 5/29/14 11:18 AM

H&S Contracting, Inc. located in Moorhead, MN, was looking for an estimating software to take their company to the next level. Their previous system using ledger sheets and Excel documents created in house was outdated and as Brent Syster, Estimator and Project Manager with H&S points out, “it seemed to work well, until you change.”

They needed an estimating software that allowed them to manage multiple bids on the same bid date as well as better manage subcontracting work. They were also looking to effectively manage last minute quotes and cuts on the 11th hour in order to close bids with confidence that every item was covered.

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Quick Tip from the Class "Concepts Chief Estimators Need to Know"

Posted by Ebony Porter | 5/21/14 11:32 AM

Sometimes it’s the little things you learn at the annual HCSS User’s Group Meeting that makes your job that much easier.

Bobby Hamilton, Project Manager at Jim Smith Contracting and user of HeavyBid learned about handling material waste in the class Concepts Chief Estimators Need to Know. It was something simple to use but he just didn’t know it was there. “This allows me to input waste on the fly without going to the calculator and entering manually. It also adjusts automatically if the activity quantity changes,” said Hamilton.

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Lewis Frey

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