HCSS HeavyBid Bid News for Winter 2015

Posted by Krysten Powers | 1/23/15 5:40 PM

Bid News

HeavyBid users noted in BOLD.

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Contractor Saves 100 Man-Hours by Exporting Bids to Accounting

Posted by Krysten Powers | 1/23/15 4:29 PM

It’s no secret that HCSS HeavyBid can help you bid more work in less time.

But even after you win, HeavyBid can speed things up by allowing you to export your estimate directly to your accounting system to set up a starting job budget.

Standard accounting codes can be set up in the HeavyBid database to be automatically assigned to each activity in your estimate. Once the job is won, an estimator can review and combine cost codes for similar activities or multiple occurrences of the same activity. Additional cost codes can also be assigned for special tracking of materials, bonds, add-ons, and more.

Then, with a single click of the “export” button, the estimate is combined into a file that can be imported into more than 35 accounting systems.

“Just about any accounting system that a company is using, we have an export format for them,” HeavyBid Project Manager Tim Saludo said. “As long as a customer’s accounting system has the ability to import data, we can export it to them in the right format and save them about 50 to 75 percent of time setting up their job.”

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Win More Construction Work by Adjusting Fuel Prices in HeavyBid

Posted by Krysten Powers | 12/31/14 3:05 PM

By now, your wallet has no doubt noticed the falling price of gas

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Top 10 Largest Jobs Won with HeavyBid

Posted by Krysten Powers | 12/3/14 2:35 PM

HCSS asked HeavyBid customers to brag. We wanted to know the largest jobs our clients have won using our estimating software. So we put a banner on our HeavyBid home page asking for the biggest success stories. Here's what we got.

10. I-10 Bridge Over Lake Pontchartrain, LADOT.....BOH Bros. Construction, LLC..... $379,054,544

Boh Bros. served as the prime contractor to build the low-level section of the I-10 freeway, which spans 4.5 miles across Lake Pontchartrain in Orleans and St. Tammany parishes in Louisiana. The work included 36” precast pile driving, cast-in-place and precast concrete caps, and more. The contract was completed in June 2012.

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