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The Equipment Blog: AEM/AEMP Telematics API Standard, Version 2.0

April 6, 2015
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StuartFalknorMy name is Stuart Falknor and I’m a Regional Sales Manager here at HCSS. Many of you may know me from my previous role as the Strategic Product Manager for Equipment360 and FuelerPlus, a title I held for almost four years. Even though I’ve recently changed titles and roles, I’m still very involved with Equipment360 and FuelerPlus and passionate about helping our customers manage their shop and fleet resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

My main goal in starting this weekly blog is to increase the level of communication between HCSS and our customers using, or interested in using, our equipment suite of products: HCSS GPS, Equipment360, FuelerPlus, and The Dispatcher. That being said, I have no intent to limit the content of this blog to HCSS software. My hope is that we can discuss any equipment-related topics that we find interesting, relevant, and valuable as a professional community with a common interest in construction equipment.

And finally, this will not be my blog exclusively. The one thing that scared me about starting this was whether I could find enough interesting content to fill a weekly blog. With that in mind, I’ve asked other members of the HCSS equipment suite team to commit to contributing meaningful content on a regular basis, so you will see other HCSS bloggers posting weekly installments here as well.  

If you have suggestions for blog ideas or topics you would like HCSS to address in this forum, please feel free to email me at stuart.falknor@hcss.com

The AEM/AEMP Draft Telematics API Standard, Version 2.0

I’ve been a member of the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) since 2011 and have sat on several AEMP committees over the years. I finally worked my way up the ladder to the Technology Committee this year, and the AEM/AEMP Draft Telematics API Standard, Version 2.0 (Version 2.0) was a hot topic for us at the April 14 meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Download the draft of Version 2.0 here.

The word coming out of Conexpo 2014 was that we might see the new Version 2.0 data hitting the OEM API feeds late summer or early fall of 2014.equipment

At the AEMP fall 2014 conference, the news coming from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) was that they had changed course and were seeking acceptance of Version 2.0 from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and were not going to push the new Version 2.0 data to their OEM API feeds until ISO approval was received.  The AEM members wanted to avoid writing two different standards -- one for the North American market and another for the European/global market -- and they didn’t want to rewrite their OEM API data feeds. The thinking from the AEMP conference attendees was that we might see ISO approval of Version 2.0 in spring/early summer of 2015.

However, an update from the OEM’s provided to the AEMP members at the spring 2015 conference was that ISO review is not expected until December 2015. Presumably, that review will include comments and recommendations that the AEM would need to respond to for final review, with recognition and acceptance coming later. And again, the AEM members have confirmed that it’s too risky to start any development toward their Version 2.0 API data feeds.

Now summer 2016 is the earliest we could expect to see the expanded OEM API feeds with Version 2.0 data.

So what does that mean for HCSS customers? There are a couple of ways we can look at this news, taking a glass-half-full approach:

  1. Dan Samford of Herzog Contracting Corp., a respected, vocal, and valued member of the AEMP Technology Committee, had the best outlook on the situation. He said most of the civil construction world hadn’t readily embraced telematics, and those who had were nowhere close to maximizing the ROI opportunities present with the current AEMP Telematics Standard, Version 1.2, which means there is plenty of value to be squeezed out of the current Standard. He compared waiting for the new Version 2.0 to spur an investment in telematics would be like waiting to drink water from a fire hose. There is so much data coming with Version 2.0 that it will be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper systems and people in place to take advantage of those new data points. He recommended that contractors use this delay to make a pilot investment into GPS/telematics, troubleshoot installs, perfect data and workflows, prove out technologies, and put the right people in place to take advantage of telematics data using current Version 1.2 data. These actions will set you up for success when the Version 2.0 is finally released.

  2. HCSS wanted to be proactive for our customers in the meantime. Many OEM telematics providers offer an expanded API to their customers that includes a lot of the data fields included in Version 2.0. The problem is that each individual manufacturer is not capturing, calculating, or reporting that telematics data the same way. For companies like HCSS trying to aggregate GPS/telematics data across multiple OEM providers, this means custom programming for every single manufacturer.  After hearing of the delays, HCSS GPS Strategic Product Manager Jim West decided to go ahead and do that work to build a custom API import for the major manufacturers. Our customers will be able to use these custom API imports until the new Version 2.0 OEM API data feeds are released. We’ve completed programming for Caterpillar’s VisionLink and are within days of finishing programming for John Deere’s JDLink. Komatsu’s Komtrax should be next, followed by Volvo’s CareTrack. To start using the new OEM imports, please call your Regional Sales Manager for a quote.

To see how HCSS GPS works, schedule a demo here.

Calculate GPS ROI

If you are looking to increase your knowledge and proficiency in the field of equipment maintenance, the AEMP is a great organization. I’ve learned a lot attending AEMP conferences and classes and even more from my fellow members over the years. Please check out the AEMP website to learn how to get involved.

I think that’s a good start for The Equipment Blog. Check back next week for a new blog article and, again, if you have suggestions or feedback please send me an email at stuart.falknor@hcss.com.

Thanks so much for reading and green work orders for all this week.


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