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Is Your Company Really as Safe as You Think It Is?

December 3, 2014
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Goss_Jim11Many companies have a hard time getting the truth about their safety program from their own employees. They have some workers who think safety is a nuisance, and others who don’t want to tattle or say something to upset the boss.

If you have ever wondered whether you could be doing more to keep your employees and your jobsites safe, now there's a way to find out.

HCSS is offering a customized safety consultation that will help companies proactively find strengths and gaps in their safety programs. 

The consultation will be performed by Jim Goss, a national authority on safety and certified OSHA Training Institute Instructor with 25 years of experience in heavy highway/civil and commercial building projects. Goss is the current chairman of the Government Affairs Committee of the AGC National Safety and Health Committee.

HCSS Safety Consultant Jim Goss is a nationally recognized authority on construction safety, and the current chairman of the Government Affairs Committee of the AGC National Safety and Health Committee.

The cost for the two-day consultation is $5,200, which covers all travel and expenses.

"Having a good safety record can be a significant competitive advantage, and it may soon be a requirement to bid on many projects," Goss said. "Progressive construction companies understand how critical a good safety program is to protecting workers and controlling costs."

Below is a sample of the agenda:

Day 1 Agenda

  • Set Goals and Expectations
  • Discuss Current Safety Processes
  • Review Company Safety & Health Program
  • Perform Field Visits to See How Safety is Actually Practiced
  • Conduct Employee Perception Surveys

Day 2 Agenda

  • Review Findings from Day 1
  • Show how to record safety meetings & inspections in HeavyJobShow How to Record Safety Meetings & Inspections in HeavyJob
  • Help Plan Safety Program Improvements
  • Make Detailed Recommendations to Management

If you are interested in booking Jim for a safety consultation or learning more about how you can use HeavyJob to capture safety meetings and inspections, give us a call at  800-683-3196 or visit www.hcss.com/safety-consulting.

Learn more about the Customized Safety Consultation by Jim Goss at www.hcss.com/safety-consulting



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