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6 Winter Shutdown Tasks to Help You Improve Your Business in 2015

December 3, 2014

1. Install GPS on your equipment while it is in the shop. 


It won't take the equipment out of commission during work time, and it will be ready to begin tracking for the new year. HCSS GPS software can track your trucks to tell you speed and location, and geofencing notifies you when a vehicle is in a designated area. Equipment can be tracked to provide run time and work time as well as location.

2. Have an estimator-trainer come in to work with your estimators. 

Your employees will not lose any productivity or work time during the busy season. HCSS offers on-site training on all of our products, and our trainers (who are professional estimators) can show you how to get the most out of all our software and make your business more productive than ever next year.

3. Have your IT team move data to the cloud.

The process of moving information will not take as long while fewer people are in your systems every day. It will also be easier for your estimators to help IT test and make sure everything is working before they get busy. The HCSS Cloud will host your HCSS software and data on secure servers, and you can access all your HCSS products through an Internet connection. We take care of all the maintenance, data backups, and products, leaving you time to focus on what is important to you--your jobs.

4. Train your foremen to start tracking safety meetings and inspections for next season.

Even if they don't have real meetings or inspections to track, they will know what to do when they get back in the field. HCSS Safety provides your foremen with more than 500 pre-loaded toolbox talks to get the safety conversation started.

5. Work as a leadership team to put together a disaster recovery plan.

Power failures, internet outages, or storms shouldn’t bring your company to a halt. Creating this plan while no one is in the field ensures that everyone has a say in the plan and knows their role. When employees have a stake in the planning process, they’re more likely to know what to do and be willing to do it. Additionally, you can be prepared to communicate your plan to the employees as they return to work after the winter shutdown ends.

6. Train foremen on mobile applications.

They'll be ready to jump start on the system in the spring without any work delays for training. HCSS has mobile apps available for HeavyBid, HeavyJob, FuelerPlus, Safety, and Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic.



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