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HCSS GPS Leads Police to Stolen Generator

August 15, 2013
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GPS-TrackingLewis Contractors, Inc., got an alert one night that a Wacker 25K generator — valued at $20,000 — had moved off their job site. Investigating the next morning, they noticed that the generator was missing. However, they’d recently purchased GPS tracking from HCSS, and one call to HCSS support was all it took to begin the recovery process. By sending pings to the GPS receiver every four minutes, HCSS was able to track the equipment’s movement and pinpoint the location of the generator, down to the exact corner of the garage that was housing the stolen equipment.

The accuracy of the GPS data, which can plot an object’s location with a margin of error as small as three meters, allowed police to obtain a search warrant, and they recovered the stolen generator from the garage.

Elapsed time between the first call to HCSS and the generator’s recovery? Two hours.

The generator would’ve been a lost investment if the crew hadn’t recovered the equipment. Construction theft is a gnawing problem for professionals everywhere, and while equipment is often insured, deductibles can be staggering, with some as high as $25,000. With fees that steep, it’s crucial to keep your equipment from walking off the job.

The GPS system is already paying for itself, according to IT Manager Ron Lewis. Thanks to the recovery of the generator, “we’ve recouped about two-thirds of our investment before we’ve even outfitted our entire fleet,” Lewis told HCSS.

GPS is available for your equipment for as little as $10 per month per machine. To learn more or request a demo, call 800-683-3196 or visit www.hcss.com/gps.


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