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XL Industrial Services Wins Indiana Safety Award with HCSS Safety

April 14, 2016
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XL Industrial Services, Inc. credits one thing to its recent big safety award victory.

HCSS Safety put the mechanical and electrical contractor in a new class of safe companies, allowing XL Industrial Services to win the category of Safety Innovation in the Indiana Department of Labor’s Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards (GWSA) in March.

"We won for our use of HCSS Safety and how our guys use it in the field, and for how it directly communicates back with us anywhere in the world,” Health, Safety, and Environmental Manager Ryan Pollack, CHST, said. “We’ve been able to measure our culture and our safety program using leading indicators that come directly from what is input into the safety app.”

The GWSA provides recognition for companies based on best practices for eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses and salutes those who have made safety and health a top priority. The company received the award at the 2016 Indiana Safety and Health Conference and Expo in Indianapolis in March.


XL implemented HCSS Safety in July 2015, and within four months had recorded three near misses, where none had been recorded at all in the previous five years. Pollack also received more than 1500 submitted inspections, and 80 safety issues requiring immediate corrective action were addressed and closed out within eight days.

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“This application has helped us manage safety to a degree I couldn’t comprehend when we were going through implementation,” Pollack said. “The ability to address real-time issues from hundreds or thousands of miles away has turned us from reactive to proactive in less than six months. Our folks have really taken their use of the app to another level. Our employee engagement for safety activities is better than I’ve seen anywhere I’ve ever worked.”

Pollack said the company was previously receiving some safety information via paper reporting, but with an average of 15 different projects running across the country at one time, the paperwork wouldn’t get received until about a month late. And, honestly, Pollack said, it wasn’t really being reviewed.

“If we have five pieces of equipment and we have to do a Job Hazard Analysis and a toolbox talk on each one, that is seven pieces of paper for one day on one job,” he said. “Multiple that by six days a week, and four or five weeks on one job, and you’re talking thousands of pieces of paper. To be frank, all we were doing was throwing that in the job’s file.”

Pollack was so confident in the company’s use of the new software that he didn’t hesitate to apply, even though they’d never won a safety award before. The application took more than 40 hours to complete, and Pollack went above the 1500-word requirement when describing XL’s day-to-day use of HCSS Safety. He also had to answer 15 questions, and he included screen shots of the application and how they used it.

“I met the lady who told us we won the award, and she said that, hands down, what we presented was above and beyond what anyone else had presented,” Pollack said. “I’m excited to show everyone our cool new toy. I’m very passionate about safety and the commitment the president of our company has made to it by purchasing this tool. It has changed our safety culture in words I cannot express.”

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