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With the Help of HCSS GPS, Illegal Moonshine Operation Gets Busted

October 8, 2014
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HCSS GPS websiteCarolina Bridge Company based in Orangeburg, South Carolina, outfits their equipment with HCSS GPS asset tracker units. The units cost $300 each with a $13/month monitoring fee. They hold a charge for 3 years and are simple to install onto equipment without engines. A large trailer was recently stolen from one of Carolina Bridge’s laydown yards and happened to be hauling a fuel drum filled with 250 gallons of diesel fuel. Unbenownst to the thieves, the trailer held the tiny tracking device.

After contacting police, Dan Nickel, Vice President, turned to the GPS website to see where the GPS alerts were coming from. After days of no contact, the ping finally appeared from inside a large facility on a very nice property that included a bull riding pen and a barn, about 10 miles from the original site. Nickel was able to locate it on Google Maps and notified the police of the location.  

After issuing a search warrant, the police found more than just a stolen trailer and drum inside. In operation was a massive moonshine still with more than 3,000 gallons of moonshine produced. “They use the stolen fuel to run the burners to cook the moonshine,” said Nickel. “You bring it up to a boil and that’s how they distill it.”

Law enforcement hooked a wrecker up to all the moonshine equipment and pulled it out of the side of the barn. “I’m not sure that they knocked the barn down when they did it, but I know they did a lot of damage to it,” said Nickel. Producing this amount of moonshine at home for personal consumption is against federal law. To say the least, the thieves were charged with more than just stealing a trailer.

“We’ve had a lot stolen before so we hook HCSS GPS up to our equipment,” continued Nickel.  “We actually recovered a truck shortly thereafter that had been stolen that had GPS on it as well.”

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