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Win More Construction Work by Adjusting Fuel Prices in HeavyBid

December 31, 2014
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iStock_000054496332LargeBy now, your wallet has no doubt noticed the falling price of gas

The national average price for a tank of regular unleaded fuel is $2.257/gallon, down from $3.317 at the same time last year, with diesel at $3.153/gallon, down from $3.869 a year ago. 

But did you know the price at the pump can do more than just ease the cost of your travel this holiday season?

By adjusting the price of gasoline and diesel fuel in HCSS HeavyBid, you can reduce your estimates and be more competitive in your bids. All you have to do is use the consumption capabilities programmed right into the software.

Users of the HeavyBid Advanced and Comprehensive systems have an Equipment feature called Advanced Equipment Setup, into which specific data can be entered to get more accurate costing for estimates. In this setup area, the Equipment Operating Expenses (EOE) Breakdown feature calculates everything needed to run and maintain your equipment—fuel, oil, fluids, filters, and more.

Each piece of equipment has a formula for how much fuel is used per hour of run time. That number is multiplied by the factor (or price of fuel), to give you a run cost per hour. When fuel prices change dramatically, as they have in recent months, estimators can adjust the factor, and HeavyBid will apply it to all bids.

HeavyBid allows you to easily adjust fuel prices in one single place and apply it to all of your estimates,” Project Manager Tim Saludo said. “You have to go in and manually change it, but just once. That’s the key—it’s all in one place.”

paine-field-060212-335-webDepending on the size of the project, this small change can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line of the bid, especially in jobs that require heavy equipment usage but less labor.

Saludo said this function is one that could be the difference between winning and losing a bid, but not enough HCSS customers use it.

“A lot of our customers have HeavyBid Basic and need this functionality but don’t know that Advanced has it,” Saludo said. “Or they have Advanced or Comprehensive and they need the functionality, but they don’t know that they have it or how to use it.”

The 2015 Users Group Meetings are the best way to learn about this and other features of your HeavyBid software that can help you bid more accurately and efficiently. The meetings will feature classes with HeavyBid experts to show you how to fine-tune equipment ownership and rental costs, adjust factors such as fuel costs, and make quick changes to equipment costs.

HCSS has even suggested specific class tracks to address common business problems.

Visit the UGM website for more information, including meeting dates, agenda suggestions and class descriptions.



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