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Update Your Estimating Skills with HCSS Training Classes

February 25, 2015
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hb101Some skills are just like riding a bike -- once you learn how, you can always do it, no matter how long it's been since you hopped on two wheels.

But other skills require sharpening, honing, and updating over time, whether it's because you've forgotton a few things or because the technology and techniques have changed.

Estimating in HCSS HeavyBid is one of those skills. Just because you attended implementation 10 years ago or went to a HeavyBid training once doesn't mean you're done forever.

HCSS offers update training at our Sugar Land, Texas, headquarters, on site at your company, at our annual Users Group Meetings, and through HeavyBid 101 and 201 training classes across the country.

Customers say they always learn something new by attending those classes.

"It's just like an old Microsoft Excel class," said Kevin Hagerty of Total Golf Construction in Vero Beach, Fla. "Once you learn something and you get in the habit of going in that one direction, you won't change until you're forced to change or you force yourself to change."

Hagerty had attended a HeavyBid class at the January 2015 Users Group Meeting, where he said he learned even more about setting up his program for quicker, more efficient use.

Training is especially helpful for those users who might have started at a company long after they implemented HeavyBid and have only learned how to use it through other coworkers.

Even if you've used the program successfully for years, HCSS  is constantly updating th software and adding new features, and we are always happy to show you how to optimiize your usage.

Register now to attend one of our HeavyBid 101 or 201 classes. We have five more scheduled in Houston this year, as well as classes in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City.

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