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I Might Actually Like Running, Thanks to HCSS

April 19, 2016

The tank top I wore during my last leg of the 2016 Texas Independence Relay sums up my general feelings toward this sport: I HATE RUNNING. But in order to truly understand the significance (and humor) of that outfit choice, I should probably provide some background to set the scene.


New Transportation Bill Will Give Civil Construction Added Security

December 9, 2015

The civil construction industry received a bit of good news this week, as President Barack Obama signed into law the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act on Dec. 4.


HCSS's Maliszewski to Run Ultra Marathon, Raise Money for School

May 18, 2015

The first time Steve Maliszewski visited the campus of Ethembeni School in South Africa, he knew he wanted to get involved.

The school, established in 1984, houses and educates 300 physically disabled and visually impaired children from all over Zwazulu-Natal. Kingdom of the Zulu in South Africa, helping them to become independent and responsible citizens of the community. Its name means “Place of Hope” and operates under the motto “Phila Ufunde” – Live and Learn.


HCSS featured in TINYpulse Awards

April 15, 2015

HCSS was recently named the 2015 TINYpulse Happiest Company for the Construction & Facilities Services industry. We are proud to be recognized for our employee engagement and our culture, and we think happy employees translate to happy customers too.  

TINYpulse, a division of TINYhr, is an easy-to-use employee survey tool that captures anonymous feedback to reveal insights, trends, and opportunities to improve retention, culture, and results.

TINYpulse selected HCSS as it's Happiest Company based on our employees' responses to surveys regarding satisfaction with their work and their managers, ability to make suggestions or changes, and more. TINYpulse also allows employees to send "Cheers" to each other to boost company morale and promote encouragement.


HCSS Runners Take First Place at Texas Independence Relay

April 7, 2015

You know HCSS products can help you run your business.

But HCSS employees are runners too -- fast ones.

The HCSS Fast Track team of runners won the Corporate division of the Texas Independence Relay on March 28-29, finishing the 200-mile course from Gonzales to LaPorte, Texas in 24:37:46. It was the fifth-fastest time for a corporate team in TIR history, and the team finished No. 7 overall out of 159 total teams.

HCSS had two teams competing in the 40-leg relay -- the Heavy Haulers finished No. 38 with a time of 28:23:45. Both teams started the race Saturday morning, running through the night to win the prestigious "Corporate Cannon," given to the winning corporate team. Chevron was the most recent holder of the trophy.

"The race went beyond our expectations, and I and the rest of the team are extremely proud of what we have accomplished," veteran runner and HCSS Business Analyst Steve Maliszewski said. "Winning the TIR Corporate Cannon has always been a dream for a number of the members of the team. Now that we have finally realized our goal, we will have to work even harder to defend our title." 


HCSS Customers Enjoy Weather, Wellness During Training

March 31, 2015

HCSS employees enjoy a lot of perks working in our Sugar Land, Texas, office.

Onsite fitness facilities and personal trainers, outdoor walking and running tracks, dog kennels, and fresh fruits and snacks are just some of the wellness offerings HCSS provides its employs.

And when our customers are on site for implementation or training, they get to reap the healthy benefits as well.

HCSS had more than 50 customers on site in late March for implementation and a HeavyBid 101 training class. While the majority of their time was spent in classrooms listening to instructors and specialists, they did get to stretch their legs quite a bit.

The weather was great, a welcome 75 degrees and sunny, which left many from the northern areas of the country -- which are still suffering wintery conditions -- longing to get outside.


Perspectives: Tech That’s Good for Teens

March 19, 2015

Technology can be a scary thing for parents of teenagers, with so many questionable social media sites and apps that you should be monitoring.

But technology can really help your kids too. My sons use the following five different technologies on a near-daily basis:

Google Docs allows you to access documents from anywhere. It is not uncommon for my kids to start outlining a paper on their phones and finish on their laptops. The sharing function is outstanding when they are working on a group project, and they can download their work to Microsoft Word if the teacher requires it to be turned in electronically. Best of all, they never have to worry about forgetting a USB drive at home. They can always get access to their paper.

Chromecast is a device that plugs into your television’s HDMI port to stream whatever is on the computer to the television. This comes in handy when I want to see 

what they’re working on or when they are working on group projects in the same location. Note that you can do similar things with an Apple TV.


Ed Bell Construction Bids 23 Jobs in 2 Days Using HeavyBid

March 19, 2015

How many bids can one estimator submit in just two days? If that estimator uses HCSS HeavyBid, the answer is probably more than you think.

Just ask Ed Bell Construction of Dallas. Vice President Doug Teter put the pedal to the metal, using HeavyBid to submit 23 Texas Department of Transportation jobs in just 48 hours using only two laptops.

“We have a rather extensive codebook and library estimate set up that allows us to assemble a pretty fair amount of estimates in a fairly quick manner,” Teter said. “It’s a lot of copy-and-paste, a lot of creating an activity once and copying it. Then we make tweaks to productions for each project.”

Ed Bell Construction, which does primarily highway work, won three of the 23 jobs bid and came in second on a few more.

“A couple of those jobs were very profitable jobs for us,” Teter said. “They were ones that we believe a lot of other folks just couldn’t get to. There were so many jobs to look at that they just picked a few to go after. But we got a competent number turned in on everything, and we got some very nice work because HeavyBid lets us cover a lot of ground quickly.”


HCSS Lends Pinewood Track to Local Boy Scouts

March 2, 2015

We know how much our Users Group Meeting attendees love our annual Pinewood Derby races. Here at HCSS, we love to race those little wooden cars too.


Come Visit HCSS at the 96th Annual AGC Convention

February 23, 2015

Are you going to the AGC Convention this year? If the answer is yes, look for HCSS

HCSS is a proud 2015 Celebrate Construction sponsor for the event, which will be March 18-20 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

We'll also be part of the Technology & Construction Solutions Expo, where we will be displaying a brand new booth to showcasing all of our construction software solutions, including new products like HCSS Safety, HCSS GPS, and mobile apps like HCSS Field and Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic.

The 96th annual event is themed "360 Degrees of Construction" and will include a technology showcase, professional development sessions, and overviews of issues facing the construction industry, such as economics, legislation, and regulation. Attendees will also hear from dynamic and inspiring featured speakers.