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Study Shows How GPS, Dispatching Software Can Improve Efficiency

April 20, 2015
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work-order-completion-rate_FINALThink you've got dispatching and location tracking handled? Software Advice, a company that offers insights on dispatch software, wants you to know the issue might be bigger than you think.

Whether your a heavy civil construction company dispatching multiple crews, vehicles and pieces of equipment to jobsites across the state, or you're a service provider whose employees visit multiple locations each day, punctuality and communication are key factors for repeat business. A recent Software Advice survey of consumers and business operators shows the impact implementing dispatching software with GPS-enabled capabilities can have on streamlining operations and improving punctuality.

The study's key findings, provided in a report titled "Improve Service Provider Efficiency With GPS-Enabled Dispatch Software," include:

  1. Punctuality should be a top priority for service providers: 67 percent of consumers will never do business with a company again if the technician is even one hour late.
  2. If a technician is running late, text messages with updated arrival times can help: 73 percent are more likely to hire the company again if they receive arrival-time notifications.
  3. Ninety-five percent of businesses in the sample see an improvement in technician punctuality after adopting software with GPS capabilities.
  4. Eighty-nine percent of businesses see an improvement in the average fuel cost per work order after adopting dispatch software with GPS capabilities. 
  5. Ninety-five percent of service providers say the average number of work orders technicians complete per day improves after adopting GPS-enabled software.

View the full survey report here.

Software Advice's survey found that GPS software moderately or significantly decreased work order travel time for 79 percent of those surveyed, and it also decreased fuel costs per work order for 89 percent of respondents.

Technician punctuality improved either moderately significantly for 90 percent of those surveyed, and orders were completed on time 91 percent of respondents. Overall work order completion rate increased significantly for 31 percent of those surveyed, and moderately for 40 percent.

But dispatching software and GPS don't just improve performance in the field. HCSS Product Manager Jim West was interviewed by Software Advice for the survey report. He said some companies use GPS to automatically clock employees in and out using geofencing or geolocation capabilities on mobile devices. This ability streamlines tedious operational and managerial processes by eliminating paper time cards and payroll double entry.work-order-fuel-costs_FINAL

Dispatching software can also feature utilization data, information regarding the equipment and parts workers have in their vehicles, to ensure employees always have the tools on hand to complete the jobs they're being sent to do. This improves overall efficiency and the number of completed work orders, which is a direct relation to increased total revenue. 

West said the utilization data also works for larger equipment in the construction field, allowing managers to view equipment inventory as well as the condition of the equipment. Information on run time vs. idle time, fuel levels, etc. gives foremen the ability to determine whether they need to rent additional equipment and incur more costs to complete a job.

HCSS offers The Dispatcher to customers looking to schedule and manage crews, equipment, and vehicles in the field. It's simple-to-use dashboard takes the magnets and white boards of the office and puts them in a digital format for easy access and tracking. The Dispatcher integrates with HCSS GPS to let your dispatcher know where equipment is, if it is being used, and when it will become available for the next job.

See how one HCSS customer uses GPS to track employee time here.

To learn more about The Dispatcher and HCSS GPS, contact the HCSS Sales team here or call 1-800-683-3196.

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