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Speed and Accuracy: VanCon Wins More Bids with HCSS Estimating Software

August 27, 2014
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Van_Con_logoVanCon General Engineering Contractors based in Springville, Utah, have been using HCSS's estimating software HeavyBid for close to 8 years.  With 5 users currently on the system we were interested in learning from start to finish how HeavyBid has impacted their company. We spoke to VanCon Controller Ryan Parker to find out more about the biggest advantages of being a HeavyBid user. 

Why did you choose HeavyBid?

Many of the contractors in the area were using HeavyBid and it felt like the correct fit. It would also integrate with our accounting software which at the time was Master Builder.

What were you using prior to HeavyBid?

We were using Excel spreadsheets and Quest.

How easy was it for you to learn?

It was easier than any other software I have learned to date.

How has the program benefited you over the previous method of estimating?

Its speed and efficiency are the biggest advantages. We can put together an estimate quickly and feel confident that it is done correctly. We have been more profitable and have not had so many bad estimates.

How do you use HeavyBid to take in quotes? How does that help you estimate faster, more?

We enter it into the quote system. It helps in that it gets into the system and can be entered in one spot.

VanCon General Contractors
HCSS employees visit VanCon during their Epic Cache-Teton Relay Race in Utah

What is the most beneficial feature of the software?

Quick estimates, accuracy and easy entry into to accounting software and HeavyJob. Change orders are more efficient in using it also.

How many more jobs are you winning with HeavyBid?

I would say around 10 percent more.

Describe a particular job in which HeavyBid put you over the competition?

I usually see it go the other way. The little guys are not using it and they usually don’t have a competitive bid. Those that use it are usually pretty close.

What are the 2 projects you are most proud of that you won using HeavyBid and why?

There are too many to choose just two!

Tell me about a particular job in which you believe HeavyBid made the process of bidding much easier and time saving.

There are so many. Once I have bid a particular item of work once, I can copy that bid item to another job, modify the productions, change materials and we are good. We can put together an estimate quickly and feel confident that it is done correctly.

How does it help you build estimates more quickly?

I am able to build on the fly which is quicker for me. I sometimes believe it takes longer to enter all the bid items than to build the estimate at times.

How does HeavyBid help you on bid day?

It allows us to look at margins and key indicators to know if our labor and equipment is in line with other jobs we have done in the past.

Do you interface with accounting? How does it help you?

Yes we do. It is great to not have to re-enter everything into Viewpoint.  

Lastly, how does your company celebrate a winning bid?

It varies from jumping up and down to pats on the back to ‘good job, great bid.’ We feel more confident that we have not made a mistake with HeavyBid.

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