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Software for the Bottom Line : Steve McGough Talks to Grading and Excavation Contractor Magazine

July 3, 2014
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H&S Contracting uses HCSS softwareHCSS’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve McGough, recently spoke with Grading & Excavation Contractor Magazine for an article that looks at various software products currently available to construction companies. With software becoming more and more user friendly, companies are finding it offers a quick return on investment. McGough highlights HCSS’s equipment maintenance software Equipment360 and our job tracking software HeavyJob.

Giving an overview of the benefits in using HeavyJob, McGough explains how HeavyJob is used for the management end of field work, tracking equipment hours and helping to track whether a contractor is making or losing money. It’s a job-costing software that “sits in-between” field operations and the accounting system says McGough.

“The electronic end of the time card is in there as well,” says McGough. “That gets sent to the office where it’s reviewed and automatically sent over to accounting. You don’t have anybody handling paper time cards two or three times within an organization.” There’s value in that due to the fact that in the field—especially with the margins on products being tighter over the past few years—companies aren’t going to be able to survive with getting off track on a project, McGough says.

Using Equipment360 in conjunction with the FuelerPlus fuel tracking software helps run the operations side of a shop and is made specifically for construction.

“A lot of accounting software has modules off of the heavy equipment packages,” says McGough. “We feel those modules are built for accounting people. We designed this specifically for the shop.”

Equipment360 offers a complete picture of the equipment in terms of what it is costing the contractor, McGough says and will automatically schedule out preventative maintenance schedules.“It gives the mechanics access to equipment history from the field, from a mobile device or a laptop. It integrates in with our FuelerPlus product being used by fuel truck drivers to track fuel and charge it against the equipment,” continues McGough. “It can make decisions on when it’s time to get rid of equipment. You can measure them against each other.”

The article also touches on how HCSS products give field personnel options on the type of device to use with the software, including laptops, a tablet with IOS, Android devices and smart phones. “As people are replacing laptops, now they have a choice,” says McGough. “Does my foreman really need another laptop or can he get by with an iPad? If you have an individual who is not really part of a crew—they are a water truck driver or they’re a finish crew and there’s only a few people on it—it’s very easy to enter time and quantities into a smart phone as well. All three of those devices will feed up into the same management system.”

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