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See How Your Website Stacks Up Against the Competition

March 25, 2015


crayonlogoYou know your construction company needs a solid, eye-catching website to appeal to customers. But if you’re starting from scratch, or have had the same website design since Al Gore invented the internet, you probably have no idea where to begin.

One company offers an easy way to compare your company’s website to others in the industry.

Crayon.co is an online platform that allows you to easily scroll through hundreds of thousands of web pages to see what other companies are doing to market their business. Narrow your search by industry, such as construction, or browse other industries, like software or technology, to keep up with the latest online trends.

How Crayon.co works:

  1. The Crayon.co home page showcases several featured pages across multiple industries. Click on a web page that interests you to see more, including the entire web page and information about the company. When you find something you like, show it to the person responsible for your website and ask them to create something similar.

  2. To get more advanced, click on a category in the left-hand navigation panel to quickly filter results by industry, page type, desktop versus mobile device, and much more.

  3. Finally, register on the site — put away your credit card, this site is free — to save your favorite pages and share and collaborate with team members.

  4. Bookmark the site to quickly and easily return for more inspiration.

How HCSS recently used Crayon.co:

In the past when HCSS wanted to find ways to improve our website, each marketer would go to their favorite websites looking for inspiration. Going from site to site is a slow, manual process, and our team tended to go to the same sites each time. When we found a good idea, there wasn’t an easy way to share the site other than calling people over to look at your computer screen. That all changed with Crayon.co.

Recently, the HCSS marketing team needed to find an easy way to show pricing for our new HCSS Safety product. We needed to develop a clear one-page brochure for our sales team to communicate the three different versions and prices of the product. We used Crayon.co and filtered the results for pricing pages, and we quickly scanned hundreds of examples in the software industry. Once we found a few design examples we liked, we saved them in a folder on our account and shared them across our team.crayongraph

How Crayon.co started:

Jonah Lopin and John Osborne, two friends from Boston who met during their MBA program at MIT in 2005, left very successful careers in software and technology to create a company called M80 Labs. From 2012 to 2014, they built two other successful companies, but when they wanted something even bigger, they decided to focus on helping marketers.

“One area we saw marketers struggling with was how to get great ideas for their digital marketing projects,” said Lopin. “Whether they were redesigning their website, building a landing page, or sending an email campaign, a lot of marketers had an incomplete, tedious process they’d go through to get ideas and collaborate with their team. The brainstorm behind Crayon was: can we create a radically simple, radically fun experience for marketers that helps them get great ideas and insights for their marketing projects?”

The two founders launched Crayon.co in November 2014 and saw almost immediate success when the site was featured on Product Hunt as one of the best new software products. The company is growing quickly, with a rapidly expanding user base, great new features, and savvy investors wanting to help fund the startup.

“We have a lot of awesome features coming, including the ability to track companies in Crayon so you get alerted when their marketing changes, and a great mobile experience,” said Lopin. “If you sign up for Crayon or follow the blog, you’ll see all the new stuff as it comes out.”

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