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Safety Observations Allows Field, Office to Keep an Eye on Work Sites

August 5, 2015
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Safety-Observation-Page_Main-Mobile-804305-editedEven if your company has a top-notch safety program, your safety personnel can't be everywhere at once. 

With multiple job sites across the city, state -- or even across the country -- there's a lot going on from day-to-day that doesn't get noticed by your construction safety team.

But your field employees are out there every day, with eyes on virtually every square foot of each job site. So why not let them help you run your safety program?

Safety Observations, a new free tool provided by HCSS, allows your field employees to easily capture and report any issues, concerns, or even positives they see on the work site using their smartphones or tablets. They can capture images of the observation, write a description of the situation, and then submit that observation to the office. Safety personnel will receive these observations directly in their email inbox and can manage them through the web-based service. 

These observations can be vital to analyzing safety in the field, allowing managers to identify leading indicators of major incidents and instantly make changes to the safety setup or daily routine.

The program also opens up a two-way conversation between safety personnel and field employees, allowing for an open communication channel in which the field is not afraid to speak up about issues. Safety personnel can compare what tis happening in the field to their perceptions of safe habits, and workers can send issues directly up the chain to those who can affect change.

To get started, register using the form on the Safety Observations website. We'll send you all the information you need, including your manager login information and your organization's custom link to begin submitting observations. Send that personalized link to all your employees to bookmark on their phone or tablet's web browser for easy access later. 

Observations will begin flowing into your inbox the minute they are submitted, with detailed reports and photos attached. You can manage all these reports online as well.




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