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Reece Albert Cuts Trucking Budget by $900,000 Using HCSS GPS

March 25, 2014
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Ron Tucker HCSS GPS CustomerAt the end of 2011, Reece Albert Heavy Construction was having budget problems. The San Angelo, Texas, company was $660,000 over budget when it came to trucking, so they decided to install HCSS GPS to get a handle on their vehicles.  "We realized we had too many trucks on the job," said dispatcher Ron Tucker, so they started to cut back. What's more, by allowing multiple operators to view truck locations, the company was able to streamline plant operations. 

"The plant operator always wanted a bunch of trucks," Tucker said, "but he didn't want to run his plant and fill up his silo, so part of the problem was plant operation. We took HCSS GPS to the plants where the plant operator could see the trucks cycling. He's become more efficient, and he's comfortable now in starting the plant up without having ten or 12 trucks in front of him. He can see that they're just around the corner, whereas in the past he would wait till all the trucks were there and he could see the white of their eyes before he'd fire up the plant. Then they'd sit there for two hours getting loaded. And it would pile them up on both ends."

Tucker said that portability also played a role in helping them monitor their trucks day and night. "You can take it anywhere," Tucker said. "I have it at my house. I could have it at a scale house." With scale operators and hot mix operators watching the trucks, it's "made a big difference in efficiency, especially in paving."

That efficiency, in turn, meant that the company's estimators could work with more accurate data when bidding new work. They made a variety of adjustments to the pricing side to match what Tucker and others were doing, and the result was a drastic savings. At the end of 2012 — just a year later — Reece Albert was under budget by $247,000. That's a turnaround of $900,000, just from installing HCSS GPS.

"We're all happy about it," Tucker said. 




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