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Quick Tip from the Class "Concepts Chief Estimators Need to Know"

May 21, 2014
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NewSCSometimes it’s the little things you learn at the annual HCSS User’s Group Meeting that makes your job that much easier.

Bobby Hamilton, Project Manager at Jim Smith Contracting and user of HeavyBid learned about handling material waste in the class Concepts Chief Estimators Need to Know. It was something simple to use but he just didn’t know it was there. “This allows me to input waste on the fly without going to the calculator and entering manually. It also adjusts automatically if the activity quantity changes,” said Hamilton.

While it only saves them a few seconds during data entry, the real time savings is in the review process. “I can see instantly what percent waste factor was used instead of double checking the math on a calculator again,” says Hamilton. “Although on a normal job it saves just a few minutes, minutes count during the bid closing process on letting day.”

Each branch at Jim Smith Contracting is estimated and project managed by the same person. “The three of us that bid all the company’s work probably spend less than 20%-40% of our total time in the bid process in any given month.  Our time using HeavyBid is probably less than half of that. However the usage of a bidding software that allows us to build bids quickly that we can trust is also a huge component to our success,” said Hamilton. “We attend the User’s Group Meeting nearly every year to learn the ‘little stuff’ such as this to help us increase our efficiency.”

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