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Out With the Old, In With the New: Equipment Maintenance Software Transforms PM Work Orders

September 4, 2014
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Beaver Excavation Company working in the fieldWe were on site with Beaver Excavating Company of Canton, OH several months ago and their shop foreman, Harold Grant, grabbed us and wanted to share one of the successes he was having with HCSS’s equipment maintenance software Equipment360. Beaver Excavating previously used ManagerPlus for their equipment maintenance and made the decision to switch to Equipment360 in April of this year.

Grant described the process of creating a work order for a typical 250 hour service in his old maintenance system.  First, he had to go looking for services that were coming due from a list of hundreds of assets and thousands of services.  When he found a service he wanted to perform and turned it into a work order, the work order didn’t include any information other than a simple note of ‘250 hour service’.  Grant had to go about building the work order grabbing various checklists he had created for engine oil and filter, air filter, fuel/water separator, etc. and attaching them to the work order. And he had to do this every time he wanted to create a work order for that same 250 hour service.  We watched him do this and it took almost 20 minutes just to build a single preventative maintenance (PM) work order.  

In using Equipment360, searching for PM services coming due is a thing of the past.  Equipment360’s active alerts panel lets Grant know exactly which services are coming up and he doesn’t need to go looking for them anymore.  He can receive those PM alerts by email or text so he doesn’t even have to turn on his computer to know which services are approaching.


Turning a PM alert for a 250 hour service into a work order is now completed in two clicks of the mouse. And when Grant turns that PM alert into a work order in Equipment360, it automatically includes the complete parts list for the service, the labor codes he wants his mechanics to charge their time against, and all the checklists his guys need to do their work. He’s even attached service manuals for reference to a few of his PM templates so his mechanics don’t need to go looking for them.  Why not? It’s so easy to setup, and you only have to do it once.

“E360 saves me a lot of time when it comes to making work orders,” said Grant.  “I can see everything on one screen instead of having to change back and forth between screens in my previous system.”  

Can your equipment maintenance software do that? For more on Equipment360 visit www.hcss.com 

With the launch of HCSS’s Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic app for the iPad, your mechanics can easily complete work orders and access construction equipment information right in the field. Read more here. 

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