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Operation No Empty Bowls : HCSS Runs a Dog Food Drive

July 2, 2014
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One of the perks of working at HCSS is getting to bring your dog to work, and we love dogs around here. Director of Technical Services Chris Henry recently emailed the company with a call to action; let’s run a dog food drive!

He was recently at Petco and spoke to someone from Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), located in Houston at the SPCA on I-10. Curious to know how much food they go through in a day, the volunteer replied “As much as we have. We often run out of food, so it depends how much we get.” He also said when CAP runs out of food, they ask Petco, Petsmart and other pet stores for donations. But often times when there is a food shortage, the dogs go hungry. At HCSS, this hurts our hearts.

Dog_Food_DriveEmployees were asked to pick up any size bag of the cheapest dog food they could find and bring it to the office. $20 can typically buy 35 lbs of dog food and a 40 lb dog eats about a pound a day. Donations of 35 lb bags could easily feed about 35 dogs. 

We’ve already made one delivery and will make another in a few weeks. The first delivery proved to be fortuitous for both a kitten in need of a home and HCSS Product Support Analyst Mark LeClair.

“I went to drop off the dog food and came home with a new pet!” said LeClair. “This weekend happened to be “Cat Adoption Weekend” in which all kitty adoption fees were reduced to $5.  I walked in the door and right up front was a cream point ragdoll cat.  She was the only one of her breed in the entire place. Five people before me had a meet and greet with her and passed on adoption because she was scared. This is the only type of cat I’d consider adopting at the moment,” continued LeClair.  “Funny she was right up front and everyone before me passed on her.  Her name was Marigold.  We adopted her and named her Sandy.”


The food drive has so far been a success and employees have brought in over 1,250 lbs of food. As part of the HCSS culture, it is a reminder to everyone here of the great peers and compassionate folks we work with day to day.

For more info on donating dog or cat food or adopting a new pet visit www.cap4pets.org 


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