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Metal Detector App Saves Construction Crew Hours of Search Time

May 13, 2014
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Zoladz_Construction_logo-1Zoladz Construction Company was recently on the HCSS Campus for HeavyJob implementation when they told a story that was too good not to share. They received a call from a facility manager, asking them to investigate a potential sewer problem. Being that Zoladz had completed the sitework for this owner a year earlier, they felt obligated to assist.

Upon arriving on site they noticed that during the period of time that they had left the site, the owner had installed large earth berms in various locations around the building. “We were all aware that there was a manhole in the general location of the berms, but we were unable to visually locate it,” said Tom Schwallie, Project Manager. “After several minutes of ‘poking and hoping’ we came up empty.”

The only solution would have been to return to their shop to retrieve a locating device, which would have cost them several hours.

“Being that there is now an application for virtually everything I did a quick search on my cellphone,” said Schwallie. With several applications to choose from, he downloaded the Metal Detector application by Smart Tools. According to Schwallie, several of the field personnel chuckled and suggested he try a willow switch.

Metal Detector by Smart Tools

“I turned on the app, wandered over the berm for less than a minute and asked for a shovel,” said Schwallie.  “I placed the shovel in the ground and struck the dead center of a manhole cover under about one foot of topsoil. Within five minutes, four of the field personnel asked for the name of the app and proceeded to download it on their phones.”

Sometimes thinking outside of the box works.  “My Metal Detector app now sits proudly next to my HCSS Mobile app,” said Schwallie.

 After locating the manhole cover the dirty work began. The crew spent eight hours shoveling, jetting and inspecting sewers clogged with towels, rags, and several sets of patient’s pajamas. Who says construction isn’t interesting?

Our VP of Software Development Tom Webb got the idea for his latest Mobile App Monday segment from this story. Watch his video here.

Download Smart Tools’ Metal Detector app here.



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