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Make March Madness Distraction Work for Your Company

March 24, 2015

We all get excited about March Madness -- the games, the brackets, the bets. But having so many games going on during the middle of the workday means some of your employees will inevitably sneak a peek at the scores.

Instead of worrying about a potential loss of productivity as the Sweet Sixteen nears, why not harness that excitement to enhance the organizational culture of your company?

Sure, there's a lot of hype surrounding the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but that just means your employees are more likely to appreciate the opportunity to relax -- at least for a few minutes -- without completely disrupting the workday.

TINYhr, a human resources company dedicated to improving employee engagement, suggested a few ways to use March Madness to your advantage. HCSS also utilizes some of these strategies in our own Sugar Land, Texas, headquarters.

See the full TINYhr blog post here.

First, TINYhr spoke to a company who hosts an internal tournament using arcade basketball machines. Think of these tournaments as a quick way to create some friendly competition for a few minutes without shutting down the office completely.

HCSS wellness culture values this idea as well, boasting our own game room with a pool table, foosball, basketball games, and more. Any employee is welcome to release some stress here at any time. 

Second, TINYhr suggested showing the games on a TV set up in a meeting room or cafeteria where employees can stop in to check the score. This avoids having every person taking up bandwidth by streaming the games to their computers, and it gives people a reason to get up and stretch their legs or catch the game during lunch.WorldCup

HCSS has several televisions set up around our offices, and many of them have been showing the games all day. We also have watch parties for events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup, where we show the games on our large projector in the central meeting space. It gives employees a fun, safe after-hours work event and builds camaraderie within the office.

Finally, embrace the Madness by allowing employees to fill out their own brackets and go head-to-head with their coworkers. Hang all the brackets on a wall so everyone can get in on the action, even if they don't participate directly. Reward the winning bracket with something fun to encourage participation.

And if you love filling out brackets, check out the HCSS Most Interesting Project Bracket Challenge. It's our own friendly competition between our customers. We asked HCSS users to submit their most fascinating projects either won or managed using our software, and then we put the projects head-to-head in a bracket style competition, complete with photos and descriptions of the jobs. 

We started with 117 projects in two separate brackets and are currently sitting at 16 projects left in each bracket -- just in time for the start of the NCAA's Sweet Sixteen. Check out all the projects and vote for your favorites.

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Let us know how you leverage March Madness in your company, or tell us who you're pulling for to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament in the comments.