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Maintenance Request Helps Earle Asphalt Increase Wrench Time

August 1, 2016
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Maintenance Request, a new feature in Equipment360, lets you report equipment issues from the job site or the shop. This web app feature saved Brian Cooper, Project Manager for Earle Asphalt Company direct dollars and time almost immediately.

Report Equipment Needs Immediately

During the first week of using the new feature, one of Earle Asphalt’s night shift foremen found an issue with their milling machine. Because he reported the problem using Equipment360’s Maintenance Request, what normally would have taken at least 2-3 days was resolved in 24 hours.

Reduce Downtime

Without being able to instantly communicate the problem, Earle Asphalt’s day mechanic would have needed to check if the part was available, order it (if it was not available), then repair the equipment. The whole process might have caused unnecessary equipment and manpower downtime. Instead, Cooper’s night mechanic logged into Maintenance Request, reported the problem, and the day mechanic was able to order the replacement part and fix it before the night mechanic came back on shift.

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Instant and Clear Communication

At Earle Asphalt, issues used to be reported via phone or email, and would then have to be manually turned into a work order. Reporting the issue through Maintenance Request turns the request into a work order with two clicks. The app also gives you the option to attach photos, which often clarifies complex issues that are hard to describe using only words.  


Easy for Everyone to Use

Work order requests are easy to submit using Maintenance Request’s intuitive dashboard.  It only took Cooper three days to roll it out to two foremen, then another three days to get it to his remaining 15 foremen.

Cooper said one of the reasons why his team grabbed onto Maintenance Request “like hot cakes” is its work order functionalities. Issues reported through Maintenance Request can be turned into work orders quickly. Information such as who requested the repair, what equipment needed repair, what parts were used, when the repair happened, and photos of the issues can be shared easily.

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Use Maintenance Request to Optimize Equipment360

If you already have Equipment360, you might think you’re already using the software to its fullest capabilities. You’re probably ahead of most of your competitors because you’re managing your fleet digitally, but think how much more you could be doing by shortening your equipment maintenance process.

Maintenance Request not only helps you get rid of emails and paper forms; it makes reporting repairs easy so that it becomes part of your team’s daily routine to upkeep your equipment. Keeping your fleet well-oiled means fewer unexpected breakdowns, which, in turn, increases your mechanics’ wrench time, translating to more revenue for the company.

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