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Labor Department Provides Davis-Bacon Videos for Contractor Reference

April 9, 2015
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agcAre you a contractor who is confused about how to participate in the Davis-Bacon Act wage survey, and what that survey means to you? The AGC might be able to help. 

The Associated General Contractors of America announced this week that the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage & Hour Divison (WHD) recently provided two video presentations regarding the Davis-Bacon Act. One presentation, titled Davis-Bacon Wage Survey Process, explains how Davis-Bacon Wages are established and gives insight into the importance of participating in the wage survey. The other, Completing WD-10, shows the process of completing the wage survey form. 

The Davis-Bacon Act and related acts, first established in 1931, states that contractors and subcontractors working on contracts worth more than $2,000 in which the U.S. is a partner must pay workers employed on the site no less than the locally prevailing wages and fringe benefits paid on similar projects in the area. The US Secretary of Labor determines the local prevailing wage rates based on the WD-10 survey completed by contractors each year. 

See both videos here.

The WHD made these videos available after the AGC requested that information on the Davis-Bacon Act be more easily accessible to contractors electronically. Previously, information had to be garnered by traveling to live, in-person events. US-dept-of-labor

The AGC said it was informed by the WHD that it is also planning to test the use of webinars to conduct briefings before, during, and after the survey. 

Get more Labor and HR resources from the AGC here.

HCSS HeavyBid can help you use Davis-Bacon wages too. Once wages are determined for the region and type of work you are bidding, your estimator can input those labor rates into the rate table in HeavyBid to build the labor costs of your estimates. You won't need to go back and reference the Wage Determinations website each time you bid a new job.

"Simply input or import the wage rates with burdens one time, and you are ready to bid," HCSS Sales Manager Mark Reeves said. "Think of it as a template underneath your estimate. A chief estimator can set them up, and then all estimators use the same, accurate rates."

In fact, you can input all your labor rates into HeavyBid and adjust them to your needs as estimates change. 

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