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Kent Power using flight, job management software to boost business

December 5, 2014
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kentplaneKent Power has a powerful advantage when it comes to company travel.

The public utility and communications construction company doesn’t need to rack up frequent flyer miles.

Instead, Vice President Lynn Woollard flies employees where they need to go.

Woollard has had his pilot’s license for about 34 years now.

“I got into flying when I was in high school,” he said. “I just thought it was something I would like to try, and I got hooked on it.”

Woollard flies a Turbo Commander, an eight-seat twin-engine aircraft, and the company employs his flight services for a variety of uses.

“We use the plane for everything from moving personnel, tools, and equipment to jobsites; visiting customers; and picking up new products,” Woollard said.

Three Kent Power employees—Woollard, Director of Operations Damon Arsenault, and Continuous Improvement Specialist Selena Mar—used the jet to make a quick trip to Houston before Thanksgiving to begin implementation of their new HCSS HeavyJob software.

Having the personal plane meant they could fly during the busiest travel season of the year without having to fight crowded airports and long lines. The trio flew into Sugar Land Regional Airport, avoiding the two major airports altogether.

“The plane definitely gives us an advantage,” Woollard said. “We can do more with less people when we can travel quickly and efficiently.”

Kent Power is looking for HeavyJob to give them an advantage too. Arsenault said the company was ready to put the software’s project management features into action.

With locations in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky in addition to their home base in Kent City, Mich., waiting for foremen to send in data in to the office can take too long.

“We’re excited about the real-time data and getting that data back from the field quickly,” he said. “The real-time costing will be a big help.”

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