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Introducing Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic App: Complete Work Orders, Access Equipment Info in the Field

May 15, 2014
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work_order_Mobile_MechanicWith the launch of HCSS’s Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic app for the iPad, your mechanics can easily complete work orders and access construction equipment information right in the field.  The Mobile Mechanic app works with our traditional Equipment360 laptop/PC software so you have flexible options for your shop and mechanics.

Feedback from the Mobile Mechanic beta testers has been positive. “We really like the mechanics having the warranty information and reference parts list right there in the field at all times,” said Grant Gabbard with The Allen Company in Lexington, KY. “I also think the workflow is very intuitive and will get us better notes and details about the repairs while also speeding up the process. The systems ability to cut down on clerical work lets my people get back in the shop performing and overseeing critical repairs.”  

Mark Snyder from Achen-Gardner in Chandler, AZ, says that “the ability to take pictures on the tablet while inside the work order is huge for my mechanics and I as we document repairs in the field. There’s no excuse not to fully document a repair. We aren’t tech savvy but we can use this app with little to no training.” 

Beau Solesbee from Pacific Excavation, Inc. in Eugene, OR, has also given us positive feedback. “When I said my 4 year could use this app, I was being honest. The app is so well designed and user friendly there is very little to no learning curve. E360 Mobile Mechanic saves our mechanics and management a lot of time. We all know that time is money, so the quicker the mechanic gets the information they need the sooner the equipment can be up and going.

Mobile Mechanic also has the ability for time card entry, eliminating hard copy time cards and any time delays that might accrue with paper time cards.

HCSS's Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic App

"With the easy timecard entry, the mechanic can send the time cards in for approval. These can be approved and sent to any accounting software in the manner of minutes,” continued Solesbee.  “HCSS has done an amazing job with the E360 Mobile Mechanic app. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to save time and money.”

If you are tired of trying to manage your equipment shop with paper, Excel spreadsheets or an accounting software module, then now is a perfect time to upgrade to a professional equipment maintenance software.  

If you’re interested in getting started, we’ve made it easy with the Equipment360 Starter Bundle priced at only $13,000. The bundle includes:

  • - (1) Equipment360 Manager licence

  • - Online implementation training (you don’t have to travel)

  • - (2) Mobile mechanic subscriptions ($50/month per license)

  • - Assistance with equipment set up and accounting integration

  • - 12-month money-back guarantee on software and our legendary 24/7 instant support


Contact HCSS sales to find out how you can get started at 800-683-3196

Test drive the Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic app for your iPad with this free download at  www.hcss.com 



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