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Inexpensive Ways to Raise Your Desk at Work and Improve Your Overall Health

September 18, 2014

Studies have shown time and time again the impending trauma that sitting all day at work has on our bodies. The solution is to stand up during your work day and avoid the imminent doom. Standing while working has gained popularity at HCSS and we’ve found some affordable solutions to raise your desk and shift the way you work. Ready to stand up?

The cheapest and one of the first solutions used at HCSS 4 years ago was from Jason Roznovsky, our Special Services Manager. “Because we spend wisely without waste here, I thought I’d makeshift my own standing desk” said Roznovsky, before investing in something pricier. Having been in a car accident a few years ago, Roznovsky has had back problems ever since. “I got two end tables from IKEA for $5 each, measured it out and stuck it on top of my existing desk. We cut the legs down and bolted them together. That cost me a total of $20 for materials.  I did that for 5 months and then decided ‘ok I’m going to finally buy a desk’. If people are interested in doing this there are

Jason Roznovsky's makeshift stand up deskGiven the option to stand while working during the day has made a huge impact on his work life and overall health. “If you sit all day long for 8 hours you’re going to get tired,” continues Roznovsky.  “Especially after lunch, you hit that coma. If you’re standing, you’re more active, you’re moving, your blood is flowing better and it’s good for your back. Plus you’re more attentive. When you’re standing you walk around and talk to your team members more since you’re not so confined to your desk. You also burn more calories just by standing alone.” Roznovsky has since upgraded from his homemade outfit to the standing VertDesk.

HCSS Employee Jason Roznovsky works at the VertDesk

Our VP of Software Development Tom Webb loves his stand up desk, and the price tag. “It’s called a Varidesk and what’s nice about it, is it’s very cheap around $300,” says Webb. “You put it on your existing furniture and it raises and lowers. Most of the day I like to stand because I sit in meetings all day so I love it. What I also did which is cool is I added a wobble board. You can stand up and stretch a little while you work.”

“We’ve been playing with the idea of standing desks for years but they’ve always been so expensive,” continued Webb. “That’s what’s nice about this solution; they’re so affordable.”

Project Manager John Rydin also uses the Varidesk along with a calf stretcher board and a wobble board, which is great for balance, core strengthening, coordination and improving ankle motion. “I got the Varidesk because I have back problems,” said Rydin. “I sit all day and sometimes I sit all night. Then I sleep. I saw a Lifehacker article that had the best standing desks so I tried this one out. I didn’t have to remove my whole desk and I could still have the whole hutch. It fits two giant monitors so now I stand most of the day. I feel a lot better.”HCSS Employee works standing up using a Varidesk

While the majority of HCSS employees that are standing are using the Varidesk, a handful of also have the VertDesk which runs a little pricier starting at $549, but is still worth the cost. The VertDesk is an electric adjustable height desk. With one push of a button it raises up, or down. HeavyBid Software Developer Joseph Doty stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall and the typical desk height wasn’t ergonomic even sitting down. “One of the managers asked if this desk was tall enough and I said ‘no’ so they were thinking of blocking it up with wood,” said Doty. Not a company that does things sloppy, we purchased the VertDesk along with two added raisers to raise the monitors even higher. “You’re vision is supposed to be at 90 degrees looking at your monitor so with this solution, I’m not looking down anymore.”

HCSS Employee Joseph Doty stands to work

Skyler Moss, our Internet Marketing Specialist and resident Ironman, also requested a VertDesk due to back problems and alignment issues. His alignment problems were caused from over training and due to a lack of flexibility. “Sitting at a desk was painful because I had an exposed nerve in my back and my hips would sit at an angle,” says Moss. “With my back out of alignment, everything else was out of whack. This desk elevates to the perfect height so I don’t have to lean over at all. Its improved my training, my running and my quality of life. Without it, I don’t know if I would have been able to go into my Ironman race healthy because I was having such bad back problems.”

Now that the concept of standing has been introduced to the masses solutions can now be met with affordable options. As they say, your health is your wealth. Ready to change the way you work?

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