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How American Infrastructure Chose Their Construction Time Entry System

April 30, 2014
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American-Infrastructure-Using-HeavyJob-MobileWhen American Infrastructure began looking for a mobile timecard and job management solution for 150 foremen, they took a novel approach by putting it into the hands of those who would be using it. They gave a group of foremen four different options to see which one would be the easiest to use with little instruction. Unlike other mobile timecard systems, HeavyJob Mobile looked like their previous timecards and “was the obvious choice,” said Eugene Eshbach, Manager of Construction Information and Process. With its grid format, quantities up top, employee names down the side and the ability to put codes in, HeavyJob Mobile was intuitive and didn’t require a lot of training.

The process prior to implementing HeavyJob included faxing and emailing timecards, which a group of clerks then manually entered in overnight for the sole purpose of generating a cost report for the next day. Adopting a more streamlined system was essential.

Peter Cappelli, Senior Systems Analyst, played a large part in getting everyone on board with the idea of this new system. “In the lead up to our implementation we did a lot of traveling, talking to project teams and told them that a mobile time card app was coming. They looked at me like I was crazy,” said Cappelli.  

“When we got closer to implementing HeavyJob Mobile we did a short pilot program with six field managers using live data. We then took it away after two weeks. They were pretty disappointed and did not want to give it up. They liked the fact that all the employee numbers, equipment numbers and cost codes were right at their fingertips.  No one needed to keep a paper list any more,” continued Cappelli.  “We told them ‘it’s coming back’, but we needed time to get the system fully implemented, as well as do company-wide training and get our materials ready.”

When we last spoke to American Infrastructure they were two weeks into implementation. What is the response across the board so far? “My guys are loving it,” said Eshbach, who is also learning new features within the system.

A favorite tool in HeavyJob Mobile is the job analysis reports. “Our existing business process was to get a cost report every morning,” said Eshbach. “Now with HeavyJob Mobile we can fill out a timecard at 3 o’clock, wait those few minutes for the job analysis numbers to come back, and we can instantly know if we made or lost money that day.” 

American Infrastructure is also looking to implement the material portions of HeavyJob Mobile to track items such as asphalt yields and trucking. This will inform a construction crew at the end of each day whether they made or lost money on yield, allowing them to make more informed decisions for the next day. “We will no longer have to wait a week for what our gain/loss on yield and trucking was,” said Eshbach.

And what happened to those clerks who were entering timecards in at night? “We no longer have a night shift keying timecards and those folks were brought into the day shift,” concluded Eshbach.

Who doesn’t love an easy system that saves time, money and can produce fast, accurate reports? 

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