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HCSS's Field App Offers Mobile Safety Meetings with Over 500 AGC Tool Box Talks in the Palm of Your Hand

July 10, 2014
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HCSS Field App with Tool Box TalkWith a focus on safety software for the construction industry, HCSS recently collaborated with the Associated General Contractors of America to include over 500 of their tool box talks in our new Safety Field software. Located within the HCSS Field App, which is available in the App Store, the safety field system can also capture meetings, pictures of the workers in attendance and has the ability to record inspections by providing industry-standard templates. The important addition of hundreds of tool box talks means foremen are able to conduct safety meetings from a huge range of topics from the palm of their hand, even without online connection. Gone are the days of flipping through a binder full of paper.

Jim Goss, HCSS’s safety expert, worked closely with AGC to give HCSS access to this valuable library of tool box talks. The AGC recognizes it’s in everyone’s best interest to have access to this information. Goss himself has over 20 years of safety experience and currently provides national training in construction for the AGC, as well as serving as Vice Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee for AGC’s National Safety and Health Committee.

HCSS Safety softwareHCSS’s focus on safety is geared toward changing your company’s safety culture and helping your employees be proactive as opposed to reactive. If you can get your foremen to do what they’re already doing and record that these talks took place, then the information is at your fingertips when audits arise. Safety managers or directors aren’t having to thumb through banker boxes to find records to avoid fines as all the recorded field information aggregates into one place, in the HCSS Safety Manager website. This website houses all the information sent in from the field. If OSHA comes on site for example,  hours of administrative time can be spent digging through boxes of meetings. By keeping your foremen organized, safety records are pulled up on one website and you can filter through records by employee, cutting administrative time from days to minutes.

With the ability to read a meeting straight off an iPad, implementing and managing safety has gotten easier. For more on HCSS's Safety software visit www.hcss.com

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