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HCSS Staff Sends Co-Worker Off To Death Valley With a Final 5 Mile Run

July 16, 2014
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If the title of this blog post sounds morbid, it’s really not.

With true camaraderie, HCSS employees took one last run with Steve Maliszewski last Tuesday before he left Texas to compete in one of the world's toughest footraces, the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon that starts on July 21st. HCSS will be tracking his progress in real time with one of our GPS units installed on his support van. We have also built a website for you to track Steve as we follow him along this arduous race through California’s Death Valley.

HCSS Employees Send CoWorker Off with 5 Mile RunHCSS is known for its wellness program that has changed the lives of many of our employees.  Fitness programs, sponsored races and wellness challenges that come with incentives are just a few of the things that encompass our program. So it’s not uncommon to see our employees running in groups together during their lunch hour around the streets of Sugar Land, supporting each other in their pursuit of fitness.

The marathoner sent out an email on Monday inviting his work friends to join him for what would be one of his last training runs leading up to the event. “I invite each of you if you can make it to come run with me,” said Maliszewski.  “You have all (possibly unbeknownst to you) played a part in my summer training or generally been around during the build up towards Badwater training.  If you ran with me during this Wellness challenge in the afternoon...well the joke was on you...you weren't vying for prizes you were helping me train to run in Death Valley!”

The conditions of the race, which hover at bonfire temperatures, mean runners often wear special clothing to keep the body as cool as possible. Wearing his Badwater “spaceman suit” Steve promised “it will be completely ludicrous in our humidity and weigh 10 lbs at the end, but all in the name of a good run.”

With only days left before the race, 9 fellow HCSS runners took to the streets for a 5 miler. Everyone here at the HCSS campus will be cheering him on from afar, as will other ultramarathon fans across the world when the race begins next Monday. Look for the hash tag #steverunsbadwater on social media sites and follow our friend at www.hcss.com/steverunsbadwater as he embarks upon the most epic race of his life to date.

Read more about Steve and his training for Badwater here 



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