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HCSS Lends Pinewood Track to Local Boy Scouts

March 2, 2015
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Pack825-2We know how much our Users Group Meeting attendees love our annual Pinewood Derby races. Here at HCSS, we love to race those little wooden cars too.

And for most lovers of all things pine and speedy, that fascination began in a Boy Scout troop. That's why we loaned our aluminum, electric Pinewood Derby track to BSA Pack 825 of Houston this past weekend for their annual race.

HCSS Vice President of Technical Services Chris Henry said he learned of Pack 825's need for a track by accident. Someone from the troop had seen photos on the HCSS website of our track, and they wanted to know if anyone at the company knew where one could be rented. 

Well, we didn't know where they could pay to rent a track, but Henry did the next best thing.

"We got together and just let them have it for the weekend," Henry said. "That's why we bought the track in the first place was to be able to lend it out to the Scouts in the area. Those things are fairly expensive."

A similar BestTrack Aluminum Pinewood Derby track can be purchased online starting at $463 for a two-lane track system.


The loan allowed Pack 825, chartered by Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in the Memorial area, to run their race with 13 competitors ages 6 to 10, in less than an hour. Their backup plan was to combine with another Boy Scout pack, which would have taken several hours.

"Each racer ran four heats -- each racing in a different lane in each heat," Pack 825 father Jim Hudson said. "The HCSS track was well-suited to this type of competition, as it identified place and elapsed time from start for each racer."

The official fastest car was determined using an aggregate of each car's four race times. The boys were also able to run several additional non-official races for bragging rights because they had so much extra time.

"None of that would have been possible if we would have conducted a joint derby with another pack," Hudson said. "HCSS's quick action in learning of our need and making the track available was impressive. HCSS really is a people-first company."


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