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HCSS GPS Can Help Contractors Recover Lost Equipment

December 21, 2015
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When S.T. Wooten discovered one of its broom tractors had been stolen from a job site, Jed Hudson of the construction services and materials company called HCSS asking for assistance.

HCSS GPS Hardware Technical Analyst Falk Hoeppner assured Hudson he could remotely reprogram the tractor’s HCSS GPS unit so that it would report every minute – even if it was not turned on – to aid in recovery.

Once the unit’s location was identified and it was determined that the tractor had not moved in several hours, S.T. Wooten and police authorities recovered the equipment in a matter of minutes.

HCSS GPS equipment tracking software can help you find that equipment that has been lost or stolen from the job site.

Here’s what to do:

  • STEP 1: Contact authorities if you think the equipment has been stolen.
  • STEP 2: Call the HCSS Helpline at 855-231-7874 with the equipment code and GPS serial number.

HCSS will reprogram the GPS unit remotely, if available, to ping every minute, whether the ignition is on or off.

We will also set up automatic alerts to notify you via call, text, or email if the equipment’s status changes.

HCSS will monitor the situation until the equipment is recovered, or until you’ve classified it unrecoverable.

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