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Ferguson Trenching Trades Estimated for Actual Costs with HeavyJob

March 18, 2015
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HCSSFieldAppsDo you ever look back at the way things used to be?

Reminiscing about the past can be fun, and it might sometimes make you miss the way things were. 

But Ferguson Trenching in Odenton, Maryland, learned the old way isn't necessarily the best way when they implemented HCSS HeavyJob in 2014.

Before they purchased the project management software, Ferguson Trenching had been using Excel spreadsheets and yellow tablets for job costing and production analysis, if they tracked the job at all.

"Before HeavyJob, we had magical numbers of costs per day," Chief Estimator and Senior Project Manager Christopher Rock said. "Half the time we didn't even know what those numbers were. We needed costing. It was one thing to actually get the job set up in HeavyBid and win, and another to be able to take it to the next step and make a profit on it."

Ferguson has had HeavyBid for a decade, and Rock said they saved days of estimating time by using the software to set up standard cost codes and copy previous estimates. The success of that product led them to HeavyJob.

Rock said the biggest cost-saving feature for Ferguson Trenching is the ability to work up change orders in HeavyJob. Previously, the company would create a brand new job by building a new Excel spreadsheet and inputting handwritten time cards and supplier invoices. 

"We weren't capturing 100 percent of the actual costs," Rock said. "Sometimes stuff would be missing. You might be billing out two weeks later and try to go back to the foremen and see what they actually used and find all your time cards. Now we're able to catch those costs because everything in integrated."

And having the foremen input information like time cards, production values, and change orders directly from the jobsite using the HCSS Field mobile app makes tracking the job much easier.

"We used to track production monthly," Rock said. "That was done by going through accounting and trying to capture all the information. Now we look at it weekly or immediately if we need to. We're able to see a problem arising before it happens. We're actually being preventative."

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