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E&B Paving Wins Largest Bid Ever Shortly After Installing Estimating Software

May 1, 2014
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EBPavingE&B Paving won their largest bid in the companies 46 year history of $141 million by a slim .5% only six months after using HCSS’s estimating software, HeavyBid.

The company had 3 weeks to bid the estimate which had multiple alternates that needed to be broken down. "Our previous system was an in house developed Excel spreadsheet,” said Mark Jones, Area Manager for E&B Paving. “This project was a base bid with two alternate bids. Our existing system would have required three Excel files, one for each bid. This project exceeded the capabilities of our old system."

"We knew that we were on borrowed time with our Excel spreadsheets,” continued Jones. “We wanted everyone to be consistent with how we bid work and the cost codes that we used. We wanted the ability to get bid history as well as job history for specific cost codes. We also wanted a system with the ability to have built in error checking, something our spreadsheet did not have."  

With HeavyBid, they were able to have multiple estimators work on the estimate at the same time and get the 700 pay items built and submitted. "Our estimating process is more consistent. We are able to breakdown and segment our work a lot easier,” said Jones. “The ability to get a report on just about anything related to the bid is great information."  

Prior to purchasing HeavyBid E&B did an ROI.  “We figured that the time savings from manually entering jobs into our accounting system alone would pay for the system within two years,” said Jones. “The time that it saves your estimators which enables them to spend more time on other things is priceless.”



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