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Construction Could Benefit from World's First Rugged Coffee Machine

January 6, 2015

coffeeboxxWe at HCSS really love our coffee. We have at least a dozen different coffee brewing systems and coffee pots around our office in Sugar Land, Texas. 

And we're guessing you love the go-go juice, too. But it's hard to get a good cup of java when you're in the middle of a construction site.

No access to running water, little access to electricity, and, let's be honest: your typical coffee maker isn't going to stand up to the harsh conditions of the field.

But one very clever product could solve your caffeine conundrum.

The COFFEEBOXX coffee brewing system by OXX is the world's toughest coffee maker, designed and engineered for use outside in tough, rugged conditions. It features a crush-proof, rust-proof, spill-proof, and dust-proof design, and is also water resistant and impact resistant. In fact, the COFFEEBOXX claims to be virtually indestructible, able to withstand a 1/4-ton load.

The COFFEEBOXX is K-Cup compatible (you know, those little plastic Keurig doohickeys that brew individual cups of coffee?), and can brew 8, 10, or 12 ounces at a time. But the big perks are the retractable 3-foot-long heavy-duty power cord and the 84-ounce spill-proof water tank--the largest on the market--which mean you aren't restricted to a kitchen counter. There's also a direct water line so you can make soup, oatmeal, or whatever you want that requires hot water.

"We build products to perform exceptionally in the world's most extreme environments so that you can perform your best too, no matter where you work or play," Jim Doan, CEO and Founder of OXX, said in a press release from November 2014. "COFFEEBOXX is a machine we created to give hard workers a quality product they deserve."

Need a power outlet but don't have one to spare? OXX has thought of that too with it's OXX 1600W AC Inverter, which provides power right from your rig or other battery source. The inverter is made with the same rugged construction as the COFFEEBOXX with dual 115-volt grounded household outlets and two USB ports so you can power your brew and your smartphone at the same time.

Originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the COFFEEBOXX was engineered to handle the most extreme conditions. Its crush-proof design is strong enough to park a car on, and it's the only certified water- and dust-proof coffee maker available. 

The Kickstarter Staff Pick resulted in $54,214 raised by 288 backers who received their own COFFEEBOXX at a discounted price. It took just a month for OXX to hit their goal, and the machine has been featured by more than 30 different publications and websites. It retails for $299 and can be purchased on the company's website.

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