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User Tips

August 15, 2013


Find and correct potential problems in an estimate
Simply go to Query > Estimate to review a detailed analysis of the estimate that helps you find and correct possible problems or mistakes. Over 100 checks are performed at the Estimate, Bid item, Activity and Resource levels. Review each tab to see the results for that level of analysis. Items on the Estimate Totals tab show the estimate as a whole.

Estimate Entry - Tree View: Filter information only you want to see
The Filters button in the Estimate Entry - Tree View can be a great time saver when you are looking for something specific. One great filter to use is the Estimator Initials when looking for your items in a large bid. This is a powerful feature that is easy to start using — just add your initials to your items in bid item setup. Try it on your next bid!


Get better data from foremen
HeavyJob can help you get better data from the field by warning foremen when they make common errors like submitting a timecard with missing diary entry or production quantities. To set it up, go to Utilities > Job Review > Job Review Preferences and click the boxes under Field for all or some of the issues you want to monitor. Then send it to the field by going to Exchange > Setups > Setup Files. If a foremen makes this error in the future, they’ll get a warning when they try and submit the incomplete data.


Reduce foremen entry time in HeavyJob Mobile
To quickly enter hours for an entire crew in HeavyJob Mobile, simply hold your finger on the column in the time card for 2 seconds.  A short menu will pop up with the option to select the entire column.  Now just enter the hours worked once, and the software will populate those hours in the entire column.  Your foremen will love this time saving shortcut.


The Dispatcher

Send job information in seconds
If you ever need to send someone information about what’s going on at a particular job, simply right-click on the location name on the Magnet Board and select “E-mail Location Info.” This will bring up an e-mail that includes what employees, equipment, rentals, inventory, material, trucking and notes are on the job as well as let you type in any additional information you want to include.