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Amy Chien

Amy Chien is a Project Coordinator for HCSS.

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Maintenance Request Helps Earle Asphalt Increase Wrench Time

August 1, 2016
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Maintenance Request, a new feature in Equipment360, lets you report equipment issues from the job site or the shop. This web app feature saved Brian Cooper, Project Manager for Earle Asphalt Company direct dollars and time almost immediately.


6 Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment Management Software

If you’re trying to decide whether using fleet management software is the right move, you’re not alone. Buying equipment management software can mean spending a nice chunk of change and asking your team to change the way they work. On the other hand, managing your fleet digitally can help increase productivity and make your employers happier.


The Safety Risks of Construction Theft

March 17, 2016
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At a construction site in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in September, security camera footage shows a man in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans calmly walking up to a Bobcat steer-sled, entering the vehicle and starting the engine. After maneuvering the equipment onto a tractor-trailer, owner and landscaper Mark Hoppe was now about $30,000 poorer, according to local news station WISN. While police claimed they had a suspect in mind, the ordeal had turned into "an insurance nightmare" for Hoppe, who had taken precautions to protect the equipment, such as setting up cameras and fencing.


5 Simple Steps for Managing Single Bid Items on Multiple Job Sites

March 7, 2016
HeavyBid /

If you're an estimator who deals with the Department of Transportation (DOT), chances are you've had to manage dozens of single bid items at different job sites. You also know that the DOT’s single bid item structure makes calculating job value difficult for most estimators.


Green Building Boom Good News for Construction Industry

February 23, 2016
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Concern for the environment is becoming more widespread among the general population, and as this trend continues to grow, so does consumer demand for buildings that reflect these values. According to a preliminary report compiled by Dodge Data & Analytics, demand for energy-efficient, environmentally conscious buildings has doubled every three years since 2008. Some of the highest growth rates have been seen in emerging economies, meaning that green buildings have contributed a significant amount to the overall global economic recovery.

With these trends in mind, developers and builders are bracing for even greater demand among consumers for environmentally conscious homes and buildings. The challenge lies not only in keeping pace, but with meeting the constantly changing expectations and engineering considerations such projects entail. Technology will also play as much of a role in building these structures as it will in helping them meet energy efficiency standards. Construction firms who can effectively leverage construction safety systems, among other new innovations, will see even greater rewards from this rapidly growing market.


Wearable Technology Gains Traction In Construction

February 15, 2016
Safety /

If recent trends are any indication, wearable technology is the next frontier in consumer electronics. According to a report from Insurance Journal, it may also represent the newest waveof construction technology. Insurance conglomerate American International Group recently announced an investment in Human Condition Safety, which aims to begin providing wearable devices for use in many industries, including construction. Industry insiders predict that this could be just the first step in a wave of innovation that will sweep the construction landscape in a few short years, leading to better tracking of worker health and safety, and more innovative avenues for construction safety systems technology.


Apps to Help You Manage Your Construction Business

May 29, 2015

At HCSS, we think our software and mobile apps offer the perfect solutions for your major construction business problems. But we also know you face plenty of smaller issues every day.

Managing your construction business can be tough if you don't have the right tools. But the solution might be right at your fingertips. Here are eight phone and tablet applications that can help you take notes in the field, eliminate paper sketches, or even create field markups to make your work life just a little easier.