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Achen-Gardner Reduces Equipment Alerts by 67%

December 2, 2013
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will-austin-shop-photo-HCSSEighteen months ago, Mark Snyder, the Equipment Manager at Achen-Gardner Construction in  Chandler, AZ, was managing his equipment shop just like he had the previous eight years using an accounting software equipment module, excel spreadsheets, and reams of paperwork stuffed into filing cabinets. He was working 10+ hour days trying to manage 135 pieces of equipment, nine mechanics and shop personnel, timecards, parts orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and emergency field repairs.

“I used to handle the equivalent of 18 ‘alerts’ per day. It took me a day and a half to write up the work orders, order the parts, and get all that into a mechanic’s hands,” says Mark. “The workload wasn’t sustainable, and I needed a different system to manage the shop.”

Fast forward to December 2012 and Mark’s day looks very different. “I turn those dashboard alerts into work orders, order the parts, and turn it all over to my mechanics in the first 45 minutes of my day,” Mark says. “It is really unbelievable when I think about my job today versus what it used to be.” After implementing Equipment360 in 2011, Mark was able to get much better control of his PMs, his shop, and his inventory. He now receives an average of six alerts on his Equipment360 dashboard each day instead of the previous 18.

“Turning 18 daily alerts into six daily alerts in less than 18 months is a very powerful validation that a well managed preventive maintenance program really does save a company like Achen-Gardner a ton of money. You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of  ROI in any other area of your heavy-civil construction company,” adds Stuart Falknor,  HCSS’s Product Manager for Equipment360 and FuelerPlus. 

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