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A Company Luncheon? How About a Game of Dodgeball

July 17, 2014
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HCSS Plays Dodgeball at LunchtimeCompetitive team sports with the ultimate goal of having fun is a priority around here at HCSS. Amy Chien from our training department organized a company wide dodgeball game last Wednesday which saw programmers pegging executives during the lunch hour. With Chien and Brooke Panke from QA at the helm as captains of their teams, here is a rundown from Captain Chien herself on what exactly went down.

“Tim Saludo was a rebel as was Lewis Frey who almost made the three pointer that would've let everyone on our team back in the game!”

“Brooke and I were team captains. Adam Black was a half way add-in and he rocked us solid!”

“Skyler Moss was pretty much Ben Stiller from Dodgeball. I did not know he was so EXTRAORDINARY at dodgeball.”

HCSS Employees play a friendly game of dodgeball“John Rydin thinks dodgeball=tag and kept tagging people as they sprinted up to the ball instead of hitting them with it.”

“Reji Rajan avoids the ball like Keanu Reeves avoids bullets in the Matrix. He came even though last time he had his eye almost gouged out at dodgeball so props to him!"

“My team had better strategy but in the end Pankey's team won. But guess what? She's got it coming to her next time!!!”

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