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Why Every HeavyJob Customer Should Own The Dispatcher

August 15, 2013
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Monitor with Dispatcher Screenshot

More than 400 HeavyJob customers have purchased The Dispatcher to manage dispatching of employees, equipment, rentals, and tools, and that number is growing every month. Below are just some of the benefits of using HeavyJob and The Dispatcher together.

  1. HeavyJob data (jobs and their respective employees and equipment) can create a visual electronic magnet board in minutes (see illustration).
  2. Your whole company has access to the electronic data to make better business decisions without necessarily calling your dispatcher.
  3. The dispatcher and others can see the electronic board as it looks today, tomorrow, and even further into the future.
  4. Combined with HeavyJob and/or HCSS GPS, you can tell the utilization of your equipment and shift it around to reduce unnecessary rentals.
  5. You can tell where your equipment is supposed to be if it is not reported on time-cards.
  6. Standard reports that run on a timer to the appropriate people showing all rented equipment, high dollar equipment, utilization, etc.
  7. You have a history of moves to pin point damages and other charges.
  8. Once tomorrow’s moves are scheduled, you can assign drivers and send out their daily schedule.
  9. Keep track of permits, certifications, employee skills and even when preventive maintenance is due.
  10. If anything happens to your dispatcher, get someone else reasonably operational with an emergency 4-hour on-line training course from HCSS.
  11. Implement The Dispatcher with our on-line implementation program designed to minimize the time your dispatcher is away from his dispatching duties.

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