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The Magnet Board Integrates with HeavyJob

March 8, 2013
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When it comes to using numerous construction software products, you quickly discover how important it is for the software packages to integrate with each other. 

Do you ever have those situations where, despite your best efforts, equipment and employees are working on a job and dispatch doesn't know about it? 

To help correct these scheduling conflicts, HCSS has added a new "True-up from HeavyJob" feature into our resource management software, The Dispatcher, allowing you to sync your resource allocations. Here's how it works:

  • The Dispatcher compares the current location of all resources to where they were last reported on timecards in HeavyJob.

  • Any resource errors where the reported locations on timecards in HeavyJob does not match its location in the Dispatcher will be automatically brought up into a true-up screen.

  • You can then click a button to have The Dispatcher automatically move any or all of the resources to their reported location in HeavyJob.


The video below shows you how this can be done in The Dispatcher:


If your company is looking to improve the way you manage resources, consider using HeavyJob and the Dispatcher as a one-two punch to make that job easier.

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Olga Khotiashova
Technical Writer



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